Well, what a weekend it was!

Well, what a weekend it was! Vivid, unusual, interesting, beautiful and delicious. All because we’ve hosted “Restaurant Battle” from Friday Channel. The idea of the show is that the representatives of three different restaurants-competitors visit each other’s restaurant to evaluate menu and the place in general – style, service, concept originality. This time restaurants had only one category in common - popularity, everything else, of course, is very different - positioning, class, cooking approach, the atmosphere.La Terrazza, traditionally, expressed overwhelming hospitality, our guests from all over Russia and whole world know what we talk about  And if you have not visited us yet - let's start our acquaintance on Friday Channel, the exact date will be published And, of course, we want to thank the editorial staff of the Restaurant Battle for the choice of La Terrazza as a participant, crew for exciting weekend and our guests for love and recognition! Welcome to Sochi and La Terrazza – mustgo in Sochi. We love our guests